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Ding Ling eyes light in the flow of light waves, like a smart cat like a smart should. How bad is it? In fact, an example will make it clear. The four sides of the alloy shield make up a huge alloy shield. Even the second young master of the he family was not found in the attack. There was smoke all over the city, smoke was rolling, and there were obvious flames in some places! This guy's always wanted to be a warrior. Maybe Yue Zhong has entered into that kind of selfless understanding, so he is crazy to dance alone. Recruits from different regions were sent to the barracks under the leadership of their respective c The only person she could think of was this miracle boy. However, before Guanghua was engulfed, an emergency Rune flew out of the hands of a star sacrifice. "Hey, ye Chen, I've come to you and haven't tasted the delicious food here. Anyway, you' When the rest of the people saw this scene, they did not have a bit of fighting spirit. They immedia But after two o'clock in the morning, their attendants leave work and no longer provide services He moved the prince and finally became the queen. "It's over, it's over..." Zeng Guofan's mouth was full of such a sentence. It seems that (www.xbiquge.la xinbiquge), high speed full text online reading! A few days later, the first group of strong men headed by Willie had reached the deepest part of the According to the law, with Ye Zhen's position, if he wants to marry the princess of Changle, the

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