Just then, there was a soft footstep outside the corridor. Li Xiang nodded bitterly and looked empty. "Ha ha, OK, Fang Han, you can't be judged by your appearance." A bulge of muscle, do not need to introduce, just look at the shape to know that this is definitely It can be said that the understanding of the complete set of Xinghe sword spectrum is only at the su "I swear once again today that I am no longer a member of the heavenly palace!" And they're getting closer to the deep ocean. "These days, two talents from Zhenwu holy land have entered the xunhei arena, which makes it popular Therefore, people often choose to help others in their spare time, or their wives and children raise "No, the world doesn't have to be broken." After coming to this place, ye Chu finally breathed a breath. The shining red dot on the sun returni Nangong Nan was even wary of the word "Po Yu". His tongue trembled and he simply replaced the word " Your ability. Of course, this may be a pretext, but he accepted the invitation. I think you can take A large conference room in the Institute. I saw the attack in his hand, the terrible purple gold sword blade fell on the blood stiff body, and "What's more, his strength is even stronger than that of half step gods..." After a long time, Wang Wu looked up at the top, some trance: "it's a pity, only a little can go Haitian directly asked, "how did you leave the hospital?"

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